When Mitchell Moore was 4 years old, his parents gave him an Easy-Bake oven for Christmas and changed his life. He was fascinated by the way batter could turn into a smooth, fluffy cake and would spend hours perfecting his creations. The 38-year-old has been baking ever since.

#In 1996 Moore started working as a pastry chef at Nick’s Restaurant, then located on Lakeland Drive.

Moore left Jackson to work on a film set in Los Angeles in 2002, but came back in 2005 and worked a few jobs before he got an itch to go into business for himself. Because his specialty was cheesecake, he decided that if he could get local restaurants to buy his cheesecakes directly, instead of from distributors, then he would start a business in Jackson.

He decided to take his product to his former employer, Nick’s. When owner Nick Apostle sampled Moore’s cheesecake, he was impressed.

“It tastes better than what we are selling, and it costs less,” Apostle told him in 2007. “It’s a win-win.”

As orders started coming in, Moore realized he had a problem. He needed a commercial kitchen with a mixer and larger ovens to fill all the orders. That’s when Apostle made him a deal he couldn’t refuse: If Moore made desserts for Apostle’s new restaurant, Mermaid Café in Madison, then he could use the kitchen to operate his own business…

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