It’s a Thursday morning, not unlike most others. Except that I know something new is happening today: Campbell’s Bakery, 50 years old this year, begins serving breakfast. And yesterday afternoon, I had a sneak peak at the menu and even got to sample some delicious bits of what was to come.

When my wife dropped by for a bite on her way to work this morning and texted me “holy crap the chocolate croissant from Campbell’s is amazing,” I knew this was the perfect way to get in some additional research for this piece.

Campbell’s Breakfast in a Minute promises you’re ‘in and out the door in sixty seconds.’ Owner Mitchell Moore says this is for a host of good reasons: “We don’t have a lot of parking, although before 10am, before our neighbor stores open, we have a ton. The idea is that we’ll have a huge pot of coffee and all of these items in cases with tongs. “Get out of your car, come in, pour your coffee, put your breakfast in a box, pay and be out the door in a minute. That’s as fast as it possibly can be to get a box of made-from-scratch goodness…

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