It was a lazy Friday after school when my son and I wandered into Campbell’s Bakery for gluten-free Friday, planning to pig out big time. The display case closest to the door was stocked with a selection of gluten-free goodies, from cupcakes to some giant chocolate-chip cookies.

My 4-year-old carefully selected two gluten-free treats, a lemon cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie, and two with-gluten treats, a frosted sugar cookie and a petit four (merely for scientific comparison, of course). Neither of us is sensitive to gluten, and some of the gluten-free baked goods I have tried at friends’ homes have honestly tasted a little off to me. But everything we sunk our teeth into at Campbell’s was divine. I could not have picked a favorite, and I could not have said which items had gluten and which didn’t. They were also comparable in price—fortunate, since sometimes gluten-free items can be expensive.

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