After the Mississippi House and Senate passed SB 2681—the controversial “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” that many see as opening the door for legalized discrimination—Campbell’s Bakery (3013 N. State St.) owner Mitchell Moore wanted to do something about what he viewed as a horrible situation.

#”The examples people always use (when talking about how businesses could discriminate) always involve weddings and a florist or a baker (refusing service to a gay or lesbian couple), since those are the ones that have probably happened somewhere,” Moore said. “I thought it was ridiculous, and I wanted to get the message out that we are not discriminatory, and that I want to sell my product to as many people as will buy it.”

#To get the word out, Moore started the “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling” campaign. He created a Facebook page where business owners can sign up and make a public stance that they are not going to discriminate by posting their support on the page.

#Moore also designed a logo and arranged to have stickers printed, which should be ready to distribute in a few days. Supporting businesses can put the sticker in their windows for passersby to see at a glance that the business does not discriminate…

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