Opened in 1962, Campbell’s is Jackson’s oldest bakery. In 2016 we opened Madison’s newest bakery, Campbell’s Madison – still the same amazing baked goods made from scratch daily.

Do you use box mixes

No. Never. At all. In any way. No.

What are your hours?

Monday: 9am to 6pm
Tuesday – Friday: 7 am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9am to 6pm
Tuesday – Friday: 7 am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed

How can I order?

Best is in person. Over the phone is also possible. We can’t take orders or give quotes over email or text. We are old fashioned, and we LOVE to see you in the store. Plus you get to eat cookies when you come in. Win-win!

Do you offer bulk discounts?

No. We charge a very fair price for the highest quality product we can make. It doesn’t take any less labor to make lots and lots of something.

How early should I order?

We book up about a week in advance, sometimes two weeks in advance. You can never order too early. The teacakes take two days to make from start to finish, so next day custom teacakes are never possible. You can never order too early.

Can you make something not on your menu?

YES! We love to do this! A couple of guidelines are:
1. We don’t use other people’s recipes. We can’t make it taste as good as you remember, and we can’t compete with a memory. We will make something, but it will be from a recipe of our creation.
2. This costs extra. Usually we like to…experiment with these recipes and not all of them turn out. But we want you to have the BEST product we can make.

I want to work at Campbell’s, what do I do?

Of COURSE you do! Who wouldn’t? Just watch our Facebook page, as all hiring announcements are made there!

Do you advertise?

We don’t do any paid advertising. In an effort to keep your costs as low and fair as possible, we limit our advertising budget to zero. This way you only pay for what you get, not a bunch of ads everywhere.

Are you a Gluten Free Facility?

No. Neither location is a gluten facility. We do offer Gluten Free items…